Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Validation of the Truth

The Truth cannot be validated, for the Truth is that which validates.

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A statement is valid because it is true, but the truth is not validated by the statement.

If a discovery is of that which is true, then the discovery is validated by the truth.
If one’s understanding is true, then it is a valid understanding.
A fact is only a fact if it is true.

The Truth stands, regardless of whether or not anyone acknowledges the Truth. The Truth Is. All things, visible and invisible, in the cosmos and in heaven exist by the declaration of the Truth.

The Truth can be ignored, for a time. The Truth can be covered over, for a time. Yet in time the Truth ultimately reveals what is true. The words and works of the Truth are the standard by which all things are confirmed.

The Truth does not change. The Truth is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Thus the validation of the Truth is the Truth’s own possession. The validation of the Truth is provided by the Truth from the Truth, not for the Truth by those acknowledging what the Truth already is.

Faith, if it is true faith, acknowledges the Truth and exists in connection with the Truth. True faith cannot in any way deny the Truth. Any denial of the Truth, in any part, is a complete denial of the Truth. For the Truth is always true, or else it is not the Truth. True faith, when confronted with what is not true alongside the Truth, always turns to the Truth. This is the nature of true faith, because this is the way of the Truth. True faith and the Truth cannot be separated, for the Truth is the producer of true faith.

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