Friday, November 02, 2007

Marriage and the Gospel

In Ephesians 5 the Apostle Paul speaks of marriage as the mystery of Christ and His Church. Then he says that husbands and wives each should live in this holy mystery concerning each other.

In Genesis we encounter the first two marriages, Christ and His Church, and then Adam and Ishshah. In the first marriage Christ gives Himself to and for His bride. He forms her from the earth and brings her into existence to live in His love. She turns from Him, and He calls her back and speaks words of grace to her.

In Genesis 3:20 Adam, having heard the word of promise that Christ spoke concerning His bride, that the Seed would be born to conquer Satan, the head of the serpent, having observed Christ’s love for His Church Adam then turns to the one he had named Ishshah, which means of man, and gives her the new name of Heva, Eve, which means Life.

How interesting! When confronted with the Law the man blamed his wife. When observing Christ in His dealings with His Church through the Gospel, the man turns and blesses his wife, even giving her the name of blessing. The result was peace for man and wife and they went forth trusting in God’s grace together.

Many books have been written regarding how to have a happy marriage. Yet the Holy Spirit speaks through Moses and St. Paul revealing in a few words the true foundation for a happy and blessed marriage. When the husband honors his God-given role as head of house so as to bless his wife in the name of the Lord and when the wife honors her God-given role as partner with her husband in this blessing of God’s Holy Communion, truly the marriage is blessed.


Jeff Lee said...

I will be getting married this weekend. Here in Arkansas we have what is called a Covenant marriage option. One of the requirements is that a couple go through pre-marital counciling. Our pastor summed it all up with one phrase: keep God and His word first!

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Congratulations Jeff, and to your bride!

I do not expect that you will read this till you return from your honeymoon, but Congratulations.

Truly the grace of God in Christ Jesus is what God intends for our marriages to be founded upon and for us to rely upon in our marriages. Forgiveness is the key to a happy and lasting marriage, joined together in God's forgiveness and love, then we are empowered to set our own desires aside and to love each other with His forgiveness and love, both granting and begging forgiveness continually.

God keep you as one in the unity that only He and His means of grace can provide.