Friday, February 08, 2013

Truly Sad Business

The Real Choice article, NAF Member LeRoy Carhart Just Killed Patient in Maryland shares information and links to more information regarding a 29 year old woman who died as a result of complications during a 33rd week late term abortion when her abortion doctor could not be reached.

The abortion business is truly a very sad business.  The abortion profiteers promote their business as a caring industry that has the rights and needs of women as the primary motive.  But when one looks at how these women are treated, care is not what one observes.

It is truly a sad and even dreadful sort of care that these women receive.  After receiving dangerous drugs that are administered in lethal doses with the sole purpose of causing death, the death of the prepartum baby, and the insertion of material that gradually expands the cervix, then the mother is sent away, often to a hotel, to endure this process.  The procedure is described at Late-Term Abortion - Induction Abortion - Also known as the “MOLD Technique”.

It is hard even to imagine how traumatic this must be for the woman.

Myself, I find myself torn emotionally regarding the death of this mother.  My first emotional reaction is one of horror and grief over this woman being killed.  I also feel rage that such doctors do such wicked things, both to the babies and to the mothers.  Then I bounce to the thought, but if she had not chosen to have her baby killed, this would not have happened to her.  And true as this is, I immediately bounce again to the anguish of the mother, who has been told that this is a safe procedure and has been misinformed about the identity and worth of her baby.  The mother has been played by the abortion industry.  Her fears have been exploited.  And it this case, she was murdered.  At the very least this was negligent homicide.  And this is not the first time that this abortion doctor is guilty.

But is this so-called doctor the only guilty party?  What about the rest of us who continue to allow Congress and the White House and the Supreme Court to promote this mass murder industry?  How can we as a nation not share in the guilt?  This mass murder industry was instituted and promoted within my lifetime.  I was a teenager when this industry was birthed.  It has been nurtured and brought to full growth.  It is sustained with federal money.  It is promoted in the government schools and social programs.  It is preached through the media as right and good.

On rare occasions a few souls tortured by their awareness of this societal guilt have taken matters into their own hands and have become murderers.  Under the delusion of righting a wrong they chose to commit the same evil themselves.

Indeed, from every possible view this is very sad business.

How sad may be expressed even more powerfully by contrasting this to the number of murders versus abortions in America.  According to How many murders committed per day in US? there were about 45 murders per day in 2008.  According to the FBI Report for 2011 the Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter total was 14,612, which would be about 40 per day.

According to American Life League there were 1.2 Million abortions in 2011, which is 3,288 per day.  The CDC reports that there are 234 abortions per 1,000 live births.  This means that the abortion rate is nearly 19 percent.

Imagine the outcry that would erupt if the number of daily reported murders went from 40 to 3,288.

Or imagine if the mortality rate for wanted babies jumped to 234 per 1,000 live births, equaling a mortality rate of over 23 percent.

The gestational period for humans is approximately 38 Weeks.  The abortion procedure that resulted in this mother’s death was in the 33rd week.

What is wrong with us as a nation that we are not horrified by this?

If an abortionist is not concerned with the fact that a baby is being murdered with less than five weeks to go before parturition, how much concern can really be expected to be shown for the health and safety of the mother?

Sad business?  This is sick.  We are a very sick society.


Canadian Atheist said...


Just say that they outlawed abortion tomorrow. Do you seriously think abortions would stop? Do you think unwanted children would be better off? Do you think there wouldn't be sick people with coat hangers doing the work instead of trained professionals? Would these women be any better off in the hands of a man swinging a coat hanger?

And finally, what do you think the solution is?

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Dear Canadian,

Thank you very much for your response and questions. I anticipate that you also exercised great care in your wording, to allow me freedom to answer from my heart with candor and honesty.

I have stated this before and certainly meant what I said, but especially in this I perceive you to be a kindly and friendly person.

I have worked to give answer to your worthy questions and will post it on the main blog page where perhaps a few more people will read it.

My answers always have the same foundation, as flows from my identity in Christ. I think that you may realize that this is an expression of my understanding of reality. While I do hope others will embrace this, too, it is not with the intent of coercion.

Thank you again. I have worked to answer the questions from what I understand of these issues.

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

By the way, I really hate the anti-spam setup that Google uses. Their word displays are very hard to read. My apologies to all who must endure this poorly devised program.

Unknown said...


I was called a hippie back in the 60's and into the early 70's. Among the various attitudes and practices which characterized my life that would be entitled, "hippie," was a gentle concern about other people's welfare which manifested itself in attempts to make other people smile and be happy, especially "straight" people who were offended by what they could outwardly perceive about me. Your comment about being "torn emotionally about the death of (the) mother."

As I've gotten to know you, this abiding concern for the welfare of others is manifested through you, being obvious in your words and actions, and as far as I can tell, even sits behind them even when it is not as apparent.

I offer this comparison between the hippie me and the concerned you for a reason.

The hippie me was convinced that if only people would smile and be happier their lives would be better. If they apparently scorned my efforts, I smugly took refuge in my attitude that they then deserved the unhappiness and misery in which they lived - I lost concern for them them and even began to openly scorn them. Such was my human heart then, and, truth be told, remains today, though my natural self-centeredness manifests itself quite differently now adays.

Let it be said also that alongside of your abiding concern for others exists what is universally true all humans, which can be called self-centeredness. The amazing thing is that God's Spirit clearly teaches about this co-existence, noting it with direct teachings or with examples, as can easily be read in the Holy Bible. Whether a person is in Christ or is not in Christ, all of us struggle in very diverse ways with our attitudes and actions toward other people, much less, toward God, whether it is the God who reveals Himself in the Bible, or is revealed in one of the other the holy books or traditions of other religions, or even those, who are convinced that there is no God / god, like our friend, Canadian Atheist.

Back to the concern manifested through you for others: Its' source cannot be in or from you. You cannot will yourself to absolutely have concern for any and every other person, much less for God. Is it to strong to say: I defy anyone to show that he has this constant concern for everyone else? - Regardless of the person? The disturbingly consistent ill behavior or loathsome verbalizations? All the time without fail?

The abiding concern I wrote of in an earlier paragraph which is evidenced through you is from outside you. It flows from what God has imputed to you, in spite of you, because of Jesus' redemptive work. To Him was imputed all your failures, not because you asked - you didn't. To Him was applied the divinely correct judicial decree of divinely correct legal liability that was applied to Him, not just with earthly death as a divinely diapproved criminal, but the eternal forsakedness which God will ultimately grant to all who refuse what our Substitute Christ bore on behalf of every human being.

(next post)

Unknown said...

(continuing post)

But look at what God has brought to bear on you from outside of you: He declares the redemptive merit acquitred by Christ on behalf of everyone in the world to be your personal merit. This divine application of Jesus' merit is worked by the Spirit through His words in the Bible; with what He does with His words actively hidden the washing of rebirth; as well as in the simply profound meal of bread and wine, where Jesus, too, unites to you each time with His own body and blood, personally sealing with you before God, day by day, that He has removed from you all your divine legal liability, as well as your personal liability toward other people.

This divine dealing with your failure now flows forth from you in this abiding compassion towards other mentioned above. This fruit of what you believe never makes you better than anyone else; nor does it make you good in God's sight. But it is productive, perhaps in ways you nor anyone else can ever measure - and yet from which many do in fact benefit. I am one such individual - this not to your glory. Rather it is a simple way by which God helps others through you, a man just like me, as long as that similarity is in and from Christ.

Keep telling God's truth as He leads you to apply it as you comment on real time, real life events, to the genuine benefit of many others, indeed, what should come to be their eternal benefit, and thus to the glory of the One True God.

Gary Cepek

Not Alone +++ PAS said...


Thank you for the blessing of your comments. It truly is blessedness to be reminded especially of the source of my love and concern for others. Indeed, if left to my sinful nature and my own sense of righteousness, I would observe others from a condescending and judgmental disgust, especially when treated contrary to my desire. But in Christ I have a new nature, given from above, one that does not ask what I think of others, but looks upon others as the Spirit directs my heart and mind and spirit.

As you say, this is not by my choice. It is from the Lord. As Psalm 23 teaches, He gives me no choice but leads me in the paths of righteousness for His own name's sake.

All that is left for me is to stand in awe and give thanks.