Monday, February 04, 2013

Amoral, Immoral, or Merely Pathetic?

Are words even necessary?

This is becoming more and more common.  This is something that in years past was occasionally observed, but now I see it every time that I park.  Sometimes I see it multiple times per visit.

Seeing things like this makes me hurt.  It is hurtful to see people act in this way toward their neighbors.  I have stood by and watched people push their cart behind or sometimes even into their neighbor's car.  It leaves me between bawling and brawling.

So I walk over and grab the carts and push them to the cart corral or to the store.  I certainly cannot leave them for the wind to slam into the neighbors' cars.  I cannot leave them for some struggling elderly person to encounter.  I certainly cannot change the hearts of those who do such things to their neighbors.

What can I do?  I can move the carts to a safe location.  I can turn from my feelings of distress and look to God for the peace that only He can restore to my heart.  I can pray for those who do such selfish things.  I can rejoice and give thanks that I am physically able to do a few little things on behalf of my neighbors.  I can rest in the assurance that for Christ's sake God forgives me of my own selfishness and thoughtlessness and that He calls me continually to be restored in His grace, mercy, and peace.

Hmm!  Life is really very, very good.

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