Thursday, April 05, 2012

Reaction to Government Imposed Religion

The article Meltdown! Student goes berserk in class shares the account of an incident that occurred in college Evolution class. Some of the students made video recordings of the outburst that ended with the young lady being taken away to a government religious center, the South County Mental Health Center in Delray Beach, Fla.

Yes, Evolution and Psychology are part of the government’s religion, and it is being forcibly imposed upon the populace. This young lady cried out violently against what continually bombards her, but she does not fully understand.

Some of the people who commented on this article made comments about how this young lady is a racist and a product of welfare, etc. One lady spoke against the other students who displayed the laughter of dismay, as if they were without compassion, when they were actually victims who laughed rather than to respond in other ways.

This type of incident is becoming more and more common in our society. It will become even more prevalent in the future.

Why? Why is this happening? Why are we seeing people suddenly go berserk and act out violently? Why are there people suddenly “Going Postal”?

In this young lady’s case, did she perhaps know of the racial eugenics of Evolutionism? Did she know that the early promotion of Evolutionism was to dehumanize certain groups of people? Did she know that in America the religion of evolution was propagated to “prove” the inferiority of the African peoples?

It is hard to say. Perhaps she simply listened to too many racial hatemongers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and the Obama. There is no question that many people have been victims of such propaganda, being continually taught that reacting with anger and outrage is the proper and perhaps only response to various observable inequities.

Mix in perhaps a few psychiatric drugs prescribed to manipulate her emotions rather than to deal with them, consider also whatever family dysfunction she may daily encounter, add also the collapsing economy and the personal and community impact, pile on the growing threat of the governmental denial of Constitutional protections (through the NDAA, TSA, NSA, CIA, etc.), finally add in the forced continual exposure to the denigrating and intellectually insulting false doctrine of Evolutionism, and eventually all of this pent up confusion breaks through to those around her.

Outbursts like this young lady’s are not without cause. While these causes may not justify or excuse her actions, they do help to put things into a more understandable perspective, and perhaps also lead to a certain degree of sympathy and empathy. Maybe we should actually invest the energy to listen and hear such people.

After all, we are such people.

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Vernon Malcolm said...

Folks think most of the money they owe on their credit cards is principal, but it is really usurious interest compounded by the banksters and added onto the principal. When you negotaiate a credit card debt settlement, all they dois give up the usurious interest, never the principal. COnsumers have to know this because this knowledge gives them the power and the confidence to win their freedom from debt. Why aren't the conservative hypocrites as serious in maintaining a literal scriptural interpretation of laws against usury?

Not Alone +++ PAS said...


Thank you for making these points that you rightly declare as unknown or unacknowledged by most of us. Perhaps the most pertinent of your points is that the so-called conservatives are hypocrites, that is, actors/pretenders.

While evolution and psychiatry are parts of their religion, as are facsimiles and facades of biblical adherence, their god is usury or the servitude of mammon. Thus their conservativism is devoted to conserving their control of the populace through control of money and mammon.

The political and religious diametric juxtaposing of liberal versus conservative is a deliberately fabricated misrepresentation. A true conservative is also truly liberal. But liberalism has been falsely presented as lax while conservativism has been falsely presented as stern.

A true Christian is both liberal and conservative. Regarding dealings with others and in matters of caring and giving and sacrifice and helping and forgiving a true Christian is endlessly liberal. Regarding matters of the truth and most especially doctrine and practice, as well as in self-examination, a true Christian in unmovedly conservative.

Usury and greed are idolatry, as St. Paul reminds us. Usury is a means of taking unfair advantage of the needs and impatience of others. It is a means of stealing and of enslavement.

By stealing control of our money through the illegal Federal Reserve Act, the money that the Constitution established as ours through Congress, usury has been forced upon us so that our money places us in debt before it is even circulated for us to earn and use. Neither the so-called Liberals nor Conservatives want to change this, because this gives them the power to keep us under their jointly shared tyrannical rule over us. Amazingly they pretend to hold to evolution and psychiatry and redistribution of wealth from the Liberal arm and to hold to biblical principles and even some form of devotion to God from the Conservative arm of this monster. All the while they play the people against one another and amass more and more money and power for themselves. They use our honesty against us, enslaving us to fictitious money that is really nothing more than perpetual indebtedness to them.