Saturday, February 12, 2011

City OKs $430 million Kellogg design

Bilking the people of their money seems to be a movement that knows no limits. The Wichita Eagle article City OKs $430 million Kellogg design reports the city's plans for a 4 1/2 mile expressway enhancement project that will cost $430,000,000. That is a lot of money for a project where most of the property is already owned. That is a lot of money for the same big contractors. But that's OK. The people will pay for it.

1-cent sales tax

What a powerful and BIG deception! How often is this deception used to make such a tax seem insignificant? This is not a one cent tax. It is a One PERCENT tax. If a person buys $100.00 of groceries, the tax is not $0.01 but $1.00! How many people are able to go to the supermarket and walk out spending only one dollar, thus one penny of sales tax?

The article shares without any emphasis the fact that so far 13 miles of this project have been completed at a cost of 550 million dollars. The current project of only 4.5 miles will cost 430 million dollars, and that is only the preliminary guess. 1/3 as much highway, in an area where no residences will have to be purchased and no big department stores will need to be torn down, 1/3 as much highway will cost almost as much as the entire project has cost thus far.

Here is the satelite map of that area.

It truly amazes me that the people continue to elect to office those who are promoted by the business mobsters who profit from such swindles. People continue to read the Eagle and watch the news casts without seriously questioning what is reported. Even though the facts are often included, people do not evaluate the meaning and learn from it.

Is this project really even necessary? How much time will it save people? Will it save two minutes? Will it prevent serious accidents? What really is gained through this expenditure of $430,000,000? Is this really what Wichita needs? Is this really the best investment of such a sum? If this really must be done, could not the same benefit be achieved at a lesser sum?

Why do we not demand answers to such questions? Why do we continue to allow this fraud and waste and misuse of power at every level of government?

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