Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anti-abortion event scheduled at school building draws criticism

The February 4 edition of the Wichita Eagle had this headline at the top of the first page of part B:

Anti-abortion event scheduled at school building draws criticism

You can read the article here.

When is the last time that a major newspaper or other major media group identified a group of people who have as their sole purpose the protection of helpless unborn babies and other threatened people as anything other than Anti-Abortion?

Naturally the NOW group, the National Organization for Women, would rise up in protest against a group of Kansans for Life, regardless of their choice of meeting place, but especially when meeting in a place where parents and children will be noticing their presence.

Why is it that the media never identifies the National Organization for Women as Anti-Unwanted-Unborn-Babies? Why is this group NEVER identified regarding their true motivation and activities? Why is the National Organization for Women, and groups like them, never given the label of abortion-promoters or pro-abortion or anti-prenatal choice? Why are they never labeled as being opponents of safe gestation for all?

Why does the news agency report the challenge presented by the NOW group without any investigation whatsoever into the legitimacy of their challenge? The news paper most eagerly reports:

Kari Ann Rinker, state coordinator for NOW, questioned the agreement.

"It is almost unbelievable that this kind of event is to take place in a taxpayer-funded facility, especially one where children receive their education," she said.

Rinker said it was especially unsettling that Coleman, at 1544 N. Governeour, is less than a half-mile from the spot where abortion doctor George Tiller was fatally shot by Scott Roeder in May 2009.

Why does the Eagle not even attempt to address the fact that the education of children and the protection of children is a very important concern of the group being attacked by the NOW group? Why does the Eagle not raise the issue of the rights of law abiding citizens to use the public facilities but leaves it with the position that perhaps the policies should be changed?

Furthermore, why does the Eagle in no way attempt to raise the question of what Tiller’s killing has to do with the matter? Why has the Eagle NEVER raised the issue that while Tiller’s murderer was a deranged man who appointed himself to do something that the pro-life groups do not condone, that Tiller was by comparison many times worse than Scott Roeder? After all, Scott Roeder, in a clearly deranged state of mind took the life of one human being. How many lives of human beings did George Tiller take with full mental awareness and for considerable sums of money? Why does the newspaper allow an absolutely false and absurd comparison and link to be made between Roeder and those who are genuinely Pro-Life? Why does the paper never make the very obvious comparison and link between Roeder and Tiller as men who practiced the same hideous acts?

I find it ironic, or perhaps fitting, that the initialism for this anti-protection of children group is NOW. NOW as opposed to Future. NOW as opposed to Posterity. NOW as opposed to the clearly stated concerns and motives of the Declaration of Independence. NOW is clearly the concern of those who seek to promote the abortion industry. The future anguish of mothers who choose to destroy the life that is within their bodies and within their protective responsibility is not counted in anyway whatsoever. The loss of children of the future generations is not counted at all. The future achievements of future generations are not anticipated. Only the money to be made NOW and the possible avoidance of the immediate inconvenience of a pregnancy are counted. And boy oh boy is the money that is to be made NOW ever counted!

Where is the Eagle’s or any other news agency’s objective reporting on this?

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