Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Each year I watch The Passion of the Christ at least once during Lent and often again in Advent. Each time, having seen it probably eight or more times, I think to myself that this time it will not move me quite as deeply as the last time. I imagine that the impact upon my being will likely be less this time. I think that I will not sob in the bowels of my being. Each time I am moved as deeply as the time before, if not even more deeply. Each time I think that I want to write regarding the effect that seeing the Lord's Passion has upon me. Then I check what I wrote the last time and find it to say exactly what I want to say this time.

To view the post, it is available here.

The fact that this pierces my soul equally deeply each time and perhaps even more deeply each time is a powerful reminder that to grow as a Christian is to become more and more deeply aware of my own sinfulness and unworthiness, while simultaneously growing in my awareness of the immeasurable depth of God's love to me in Christ Jesus.

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