Monday, April 06, 2009

Dolphin Bubbles

Here is a fascinating video. A dear friend sent the link this week.

How long have these fascinating creatures been doing this? The Sea World staff’s comments indicate that they do not know for certain. But some intriguing observations can be made:

These animals have long been known for their intelligence and their natural affinity toward man. Even in the wild they have long been known for approaching people and seeking human attention with little playful acts and performances. Like certain other animals, these seem to carry a stronger connection to Genesis 1:26-28 and Genesis 2:18-20.

These dolphins are in a unique setting. Here they have continual contact with humans. They have the luxury of having all of their food provided for them so that they have endless time for play and discovery. Through the glass they observe the reaction of humans to their play and they receive attention and praise, which with their amplified hearing abilities they enjoy even through the glass. The video shows that they frequently look to the window to observe the humans’ reactions.

I continue to be amazed at the various ways that little remnants of the original plan of the Lord appear in the animal kingdom and certain displays of submission and even willing submission to humans, even to the point of magnificent loyalty. Sea World is a fascinating example, with not only dolphins, but orcas, seals, walruses, and penguins. Perhaps the example that most amazes me is the relationship of domesticated elephants. That such a monstrously large animal can be domesticated to be led by even small children leaves me awestruck.

In these things I see miracles that are connected to the very genesis of the world and glimpses of the glory of heaven that those who are in Christ shall everlastingly enjoy.

Dolphin Bubbles Link

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