Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blood Donor News

The American Red Cross sends out e-news letters to their blood donors with updated information about local needs for blood donations. In the latest news letter the following is stated:

Who Can Receive My Blood?

At the Red Cross, we are often asked who can receive which blood types. This chart helps answer that question. Find your blood type in the left column. The blood drops to the right of it show which blood types can receive your blood. For example, if you are type AB+, then you can only give to other people with AB+ blood, but you can receive blood from all blood types. If you are O- you can give blood to people with any blood type, but you can only receive blood from people with O- blood.

Right Type

Blood typing is very important. When it comes to emergency situations, most people are given O- blood since people of all blood types can receive O- blood. Because of this, type O blood is in high demand and often in short supply. While O- is the universal donor for red blood cell products, AB- is the universal donor for plasma-containing products, including platelets.

In order to have the most blood available, we encourage people to do the "Right Type" of donation for their blood type to best fulfill the needs of hospital patients. People with O+, O-, B+ and B- blood should do a regular whole blood donation or a double red cell donation. Blood shortages often occur in these blood types. People with AB+, AB-, A+ and A- blood are encouraged to donate platelets.

When we make the best donation possible for our blood type, it helps ensure that the most compatible blood product is available for patients in need. The next time you make a donation, ask the staff more about what donation type is right for you!

You can learn more about blood donation needs and the role of the American Red Cross at Blood is Needed and Blood Facts.

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