Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Have You Spammed Yourself Today?

A few minutes ago I received a phone call from myself.  At least so said the caller ID.  This is also what the phone company has on record.  My name and my home phone number called me on my home phone.

It was one of the bogus "Credit Card Services" calls.  Each time that this call comes, the recording says that it is the "final" call, pressing me to respond.

Having called the phone company, I was told that this is a new occurrence that is happening frequently in recent days.  The phone company has no record of the real caller.  Therefore I cannot report it, nor can they.  Not that the government agencies would do anything anyway.  Actually, they are likely the ones making the calls.  Who knows?

The lady at the phone company suggested being registered on the National Do No Call Registry.  I informed her that this has become useless.  She said to sign up every year.  She says that this is what she does.

She also warned that one should not answer calls such as this as it tells the caller that this is a valid number.

So now I have to be wary of phone calls from MYSELF.

So be on guard, you may be calling yourself today, too.

Hmm.  The saying used to be that one is OK when talking to oneself so long as one does not answer oneself.  I think this meant not to answer as though being another person than oneself.  Regardless, now we have to beware of calling oneself and answering oneself.


By the way, these calls always use the same recording with the same woman's voice.  This means that it is the same deceivers making these fraudulent calls.  So how hard is it for the proper agencies to track them down?

Moreover, "Credit Card Services" is the same name as what many of the credit card companies now use for servicing their accounts by phone.

So who is really making these calls that we are told are untraceable?

Who is really being traced and by whom?

I'm tired.  I'm tired of the abuses.  Sadly, they are only getting worse each day.

Come Lord Jesus, come!

Revelation 22:20

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theikmarket said...

Reminds me of the calls I got from Rachel of Card Services. It wasn't only suspicious but it was also automated so there was no way for me to say NO. After the recorded message, the call automatically ended. So I reported the phone number to and shared the details of the call, in the hopes that that the information will save someone from falling victim to the scheme.