Friday, June 21, 2013

Inflation Low?

Does anyone in the entire world actually believe this nonsense?

Does anyone who actually purchases real life staples buy this line of nonsense?

What honest person would ever even consider using a gauge of consumer prices that deliberately excludes food and energy?  Are these not the very things that people need the most?  Are these not the largest portion of their spending?

Moreover, 1.1 percent?  Does anyone believe this?  The prices of my purchases have increased dramatically.  The high price of fuel is driving up the price of everything.  The insane increase in governmental interference and regulations, especially for the trucking industry, also is driving up the prices.  Even things like trash service are increasing, and not by 1 or 2 percent, but by 20% or more!

Fuel and oil, fuel filters and oil filters, products made of plastic, products made of steel, products made of aluminum, all of these continue to rise.

The only thing NOT rising is the income of the people!

And the number of people who say that they cannot find real work has never been higher in my encounters.

When will we ever hear that the FED, a private banking cartel, is taxed on their income?  When will we ever hear reported their level of income?  When will we hear an explanation regarding why the FED is allowed to charge interest for the nation's money?  Why are they allowed to tax us through inflation?  Why have they been given control of the nation's money supply when the Constitution entrusts this to Congress so that there would be almost no inflation and no income taxes and no raping of the poor and the making of the poor through centralized banking usury?

The practice of usury is forbidden by the Lord for this very reason.  But because of the idolatry of greed, even common people have accepted usury and gambling (both as gaming and as playing the stock market) as the way of life.  And so they allow their idolatrous greed to enslave them.  Instead of looking upon their fellow man as their brethren for whom they are responsible, they seek to steal from one another through usury, gambling, and other forms of dishonest and selfish gain.  Usury produces nothing but enslavement of the borrower to the money controller/lender.

But people in general have accepted this as the way to provide for themselves.  Thus we have inflation that robs us of everything that we earn, everything that we build or invent or create, everything that we save.

It seems amazing, even incredible, that people actually give their trust to the Federal Reserve.  Most people do not even know that this is a private corporation that makes huge profits.  Rather, they trust the media's lies and propaganda about how small business people should pay more taxes, which of course causes MORE inflation and MORE debt and MORE loss and MORE poverty.  The people have accepted that instead of caring for one another directly in love and care, that the facade of government should take care of their brethren and that paying taxes releases them from their debt of love for their fellow man.

In less than two weeks the Fourth of July celebration of Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence will again sweep America.  Yet most people have no idea what the Declaration of Independence declares that the fathers of this nation fought to overthrow.  It was the British oligarchy's enslavement of the people through taxation without representation, which means, taxation through the inflation and debt manufactured and forced upon the people through the centralized banking cartel.  This is the worst kind of tax for everyone because it never goes away and it impacts absolutely everything that people need for their daily living.

In the meantime the Obamas take a 100 million dollar vacation to Africa to help spread and ensure the control of the globalist and banking elite, aka, democracy.  This control over the people is the real agenda of the so-called Green Movement and the pretense of protection from terrorism and the so-called spread of democracy.

It is indeed amazing to realize that the ordinances of the Lord were established to prevent this sort of abuse.  The nation of Israel had NO taxes under the Lord's ordained ways.  They had no wars for as long as they lived in accord with His ordinances.  Only when they put their trust in princes and government did they have these terrible troubles to face.

As the above article Inflation at 53-Year Low Gives Bernanke Time to Press on With QE says, the FED was created through the use of the lie that it would stabilize the economy and prevent the very troubles that it creates.  The truth is that the FED was created to allow the global elite to usurp control of the world's resources and people.

And the people of the world buy it, putting their trust in the very thieves from whom they need protection.

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