Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook Fraudulent E-mail

A few moments ago I received this in my e-mail inbox:

Since I have been desirous of deactivating my account I wondered how it happened all by itself.  Of course I did not wonder for very long as I KNEW that Facebook would NEVER do this automatically.  After all, Facebook is continually trying to seduce me into giving them even more access to my personal information and life.

Such unsolicited e-mails should never be opened and most especially, the attached files should absolutely NEVER be opened.  The links are usually just spam attempts but they should not be clicked either, as they could activate a script that executes a hidden file such as a virus or trojan.

Rather, a good practice is simply to let the mouse pointer hover over any such link so as to observe the link URL that displays in the information bar at the bottom of the screen.  For example, in this e-mail, the URL that displays when the mouse pointer hovers over the link is:


This very obviously is NOT a normal Facebook URL.

Therefore it is clear that this is a fraudulently sent e-mail that should be deleted from the computer.

This is actually a very easily identifiable fraud.

If only all such frauds were this easy to detect.

Well, actually, they are, if a person knows the truth with sufficient familiarity that everything else is sensed as foreign.  This is the best way to be safe.  If a person is fully immersed daily in the Truth, all that is not of the Truth leaves the observer with an uncomfortable sense.  This sense should not be ignored.

It is like if a person is standing outside and suddenly feels the hairs on the neck stand up.  Such a sense should not be ignored.  The person should immediately fall flat on the ground becauase this is the sense that precedes a lightning strike.  Now of course, if the person is standing near a fallen power line, the appropriate response would not be to fall flat on the ground, but to retreat very carefully from the downed line.  In both scenarios, however, the sense of standing hair should not be ignored.

The same is true regarding the uneasy feelings that we observe in every other aspect of our lives.  If we know what is right and true so that everything else leaves us feeling leery, then we can be alert to whatever false or bad thing has come near to us and act with the appropriate measures.

Beware of unsolicited e-mails.  Beware of bad or corrupted theology.  Learn to know what is right and true and beware of all else.

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