Saturday, January 26, 2013

CDC Admits Flu Vaccine’s Ineffectiveness

The worst case of the flu that I ever suffered was the one and only time that I allowed myself to be infected by the flu vaccine.  Afterward, the doctor informed me that he did not recommend vaccination for this very reason, as in his experience more than 65% of those vaccinated contracted the flu from the vaccine.

At CDC Admits Flu Vaccine’s Ineffectiveness as Huge Influx of Flu Victims Fill US Hospitals the report shares that even the CDC admits that the flu vaccine is ineffective.

Good nutrition, sufficient sleep, consumption of proper amounts of clean water, and faith that overpowers stress are the truly effective flu fighters.

But no one makes billions of dollars preaching this.

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Deacon Tom Anthony said...

I agree with you 100% I do not take the Flu Vaccine and my family does not either. The body's immune system needs to fight it off naturally.

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

It truly frustrates me that the government and the media and the people to whom we turn for health advice, such as the AMA, continue to lie to us and try to sell us things that actually work against us.

On the other hand, it is a joy to hear from someone like you, who looks beyond the hype and acts with truly healthy good sense.

God grant you His good counsel for good sense in all things.