Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Old Man Attacked by Obama Administration

An 80 year old man is being attacked by the Obama Administration and the FBI as a violent criminal because of his pro-life stand. His big acts of violence? He stood on a side walk and he accidentally stepped on someone’s shoe.

More information is available at:

Obama Admin: Fine Pro-Lifer $25,000 for Stepping on Shoe

Bias at Justice: A Tale of Two Cases

Federal government out of step with pro-life America.

How this man’s actions can be counted in any way as violent is beyond reason. Certainly he may have been annoying to those seeking to eradicate the babies whom they do not want to consider. Certainly he may have been a nuisance to the Planned Parenthood Limitation staff. But he caused less actual accosting of people than the Justice Department daily causes, or that Congress and the President cause, or that telephone opinion pollsters cause.

He certainly did nothing like the woman did to him with the pepper spray. Yet he is treated as a perpetrator of violence and she is not.

According to the US government, those who cry out for those who have no other advocates are to be punished as violent offenders while those who deny the voiceless a chance to be heard or even to live to see the light of day are counted as innocent.

Just how perverted must the abuses of justice reach before people awaken from their apathy?

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