Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Cricket TXTM8 3G A410 by ZTE

Help for people owning a Cricket TXTM8 3G A410 by ZTE

If you have any problems or need help for your Cricket TXTM8 3G A410 by ZTE this is where both Cricket and ZTE place your customer service requests.

Don’t bother calling or e-mailing them, unless you enjoy extended wait times, being placed on hold for even longer periods, and finally receiving no intelligible answer or perhaps even an insult.

I purchased this phone in part because it was advertized as having a 2 Megapixel camera and as being Bluetooth Compatible. But it is not. It is only designed to connect to Bluetooth headphones and the like. Moreover, no driver is available for the USB port. Thus, unless a person purchases an SD mini card there is no way to upload the pictures to one’s computer. Even with an SD mini card one must remove the back of the phone, remove the battery, remove the mini card, so as to insert the card in a card reader.

However, I did discover a way to utilize the blue tooth on my computer. Perhaps this method will work for others as well. I find it easier to use this method than it is to disassemble and reassemble my phone each time. Moreover, if one does not have a mini card, this method works to upload the photos to the computer.

Here are the steps:

First, on the computer screen, click on the Bluetooth icon.

Next click on “Receive a File.”

The following Screen will appear:

Then access the phone screen menu and go to “Multimedia” and then to “My Pictures.” Then select the first picture that is to be uploaded via Bluetooth to the computer.

Click on “Send” and then select “Via Bluetooth”.

Then select the device/computer to which the connection is to be made.

After clicking on the selected device, the following screen will appear on the computer screen:

Here one may rename the file if desired and can select the directory to which the file is to be saved.

Clicking “Next” saves the file and brings up the following screen.

Clicking finish closes the screen and allows the process to be repeated for the next photo.

Of course, one must first create the Bluetooth link/connection/pairing on the computer and on the phone.

The process feels tedious, but I find it to be less troubling than tearing my phone apart each time that I wish to save a few photos.

Anyway, I thought that I would share my discovery for anyone who may benefit. I called Cricket and ZTE, emailed both, scoured the Internet, called multiple phone accessory providers, and found no answers from any of those sources. Other telephone manufacturers supply the necessary drivers and sometimes even supply software for synching with an address book or even with Outlook. The method above is what I learned through my very limited knowledge of this technology.

I hope that someone else may benefit as well.

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As an addendum, I should note that the local Cricket people either at the Cricket corporate store or at Chit Chat are not to blame for the lack of service provided nor the insulting attitudes. The disrespect shown to customers and the complete lack of concern for providing drivers that make the phones functional is at the company levels of Cricket and ZTE. Local representatives can only give what is provided, including information.

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