Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flu Season

Do you remember last year’s flu season? How about the flu season before that? How about the flu season that occurred every year of your life?

The flu season comes every year. Yes, every year!

Every year the stores' shelves have many varieties of flu and cold remedies.

Every year the schools have had brief periods during the flu season when it seemed almost as though more students were home sick with the flu than were in class.

Why is it treated so differently this year?

All the publicity regarding this so-called (and redefined) pandemic, and yet the numbers of people suffering the flu seem to be less than in many previous years.

Why the big push for vaccination?

When at the seminary, I voluntarily received my one and only flu vaccination. That year I had the worst case of the flu of my entire life! When I asked the doctor, he said that was the reason that he never recommended the flu vaccine, because in his experience sixty-five percent of those who received it contracted the flu!

I learned my lesson.

Sleep. Healthy and balanced diet. Regular exercise.

These are the most important ways to avoid sickness of every kind.

So why is the “government” promoting this flu vaccine?

More later as time permits.

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