Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Every Week

In yesterday’s Hi & Lois comic strip, Hi and his neighbor are enjoying the last hours of the Labor Day holiday and the following is what they say:

This is really an interesting conversation, for I can remember when Labor Day WAS a weekly holiday. Yes, not all that long ago every weekend the only businesses that were open were the emergency services and a few others that simply needed to “stay open for business” for safety reasons. Every Saturday was counted as a day off and every Sunday was counted as the holy day of rest unto the Lord. The local communities actually had laws in effect that protected people from having this sacred day stolen from them.

Now, however, we have experienced Man’s version of progress and the focus is no longer upon what God declares to be good and necessary. Just look at how we have progressed! Now we have regular advertisements about the new drugs available for depression and anxiety and other spiritual, oops, mental/psychological/emotional disorders.

Well, for those who did get to take off for Labor Day, it was a good day.

For those who desire the rest that God gives, it still is available where the Divine Liturgy is still embraced on the Lord’s Day, with the full refreshment of the feast of the Gospel and the blessed Sacrament of forgiveness and life.

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