Monday, June 16, 2008

Too Much Ozone?

Remember when the Federal government took away our efficient Freon and forced us to spend loads of money saving the Ozone because we were supposedly destroying the Ozone levels in the planet’s atmosphere?

Well, now the Federal government wants to restrict us even further with the claim that we are producing too much Ozone!

Today’s Wichita Eagle reports in Local leaders see a $10 million choice: Cut smog or lose that now the Federal government is blaming our gasoline usage for producing too much Ozone!

Yes, they claimed long ago that the Ozone produced at lower levels does not reach the upper levels where the Ozone is being destroyed. But they also claim today that Carbon Dioxide is causing global warming to such degrees that the world is going to be destroyed.

Each of these claims then seeks to institute new laws that take away additional freedoms from the citizens of free countries. Each of these claims ignores China and other countries that are polluting at unrestricted and phenomenal levels never before observed in the world. Each of these claims directs the citizens of free countries to become more dependent upon electricity, which further restricts their independence and freedom of movement and travel and productivity.

How are we to believe that the little releases of Freon from our air conditioners and aerosol spray cans were destroying the Ozone in the atmosphere and yet remarkably our little lawn mowers are producing so much Ozone that we are destroying our atmosphere and that same Ozone remarkably does not replenish that which supposedly is depleted in the upper levels?

Well, isn’t it obvious? Manmade Carbon Dioxide can rise to the upper atmosphere and destroy the world but Manmade Ozone cannot rise to the levels where it protects the world.

When will Americans wake up and rise up to take back our government from those who are destroying our nation and taking our freedoms from us? All it takes is to vote for someone who actually believes in the US Constitution and genuine science rather than science fiction. Is it really such a hard concept to grasp?

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