Friday, June 20, 2008

Cell Phone Power

Here is a demonstration of the power that is emitted by that little device that so many of us hold less than an inch from our brains.

Perhaps the speaker phone option is a good idea!


Anonymous said...

Always check snopes:

For good measure:

Oh, heck. Here's the scroogle search that I used to find all of these:

Not Alone +++ PAS said...


Thanks for the snopes info. I wondered, too.

Nevertheless, it does make a point worth notice. While it should seem obvious to all that one phone call will not set into motion a noticable popping of our brain cells, a signal strong enough to reach a cell-tower and be translated is sent through everything within range of the cell phone, including our brain cells. It is strong enough to interfere with a computer several feet away. It is strong enough to make one's ear warmer.

Microwave ovens can interfere with a person's pacemaker. Long term exposure to TV and Computer screens can injure one's eyes.

If an operating cell phone is held within a half inch of one's brain for long periods of time, surely it is not unreasonable to question whether this may have an effect.

After all, on the physical level the brain functions using electrochemical reactions.

On the funnier side, cell phones have been proven to make drivers more careless, thoughtless, wreckless, and downright stupid.