Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More on Foot Pain Relief

In the post below I shared the relief that I have received from the pain of Metatarsalgia & Morton’s Neuroma. The foot pads continue to give relief as long as I use them. I have been truly amazed at the relief that accompanies the use of such a seemingly common and humble means. I find myself wanting to wear my shoes for the relief that I receive. During the evenings and nights when my shoes are not on my feet, the swelling at the heads of the metatarsals returns. But when I put my shoes or boots on, with the ever so humble pads installed, the symptoms begin to subside almost immediately.

In case you’ve been wondering when I would make a theological connection, the time is now. For these little humble means of relief for my feet are a type (a figure) of the means of grace that God provides for the soul. Like the metatarsal pads, God’s means of grace work their miracle only when we are in contact with them. While Baptism is a once-for-all event in a person’s life, its effects are lifelong. The confession/absolution is a perpetual process of addressing the symptoms and applying the healing that is needed for the cause. The Lord’s Supper likewise renews the application of the means of healing for hurts that have no other possible cure. The pain that recurs in our heart and spirit and mind cannot be touched or healed by any means that we can supply. Only God can restore a good conscience to sinners and remove the corruption that kills every man, woman, and child without discrimination.

One of the most amazing things about God’s means of grace is that they are absolutely free. God does not charge for them. He does not place requirements for them. He does not even schedule appointments that are never on time. Even the faith by which the grace is acquired is a gift that God pours out freely through His Word.

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