Thursday, March 22, 2007

Our Daily Bread

Our Lord Jesus teaches us to pray for daily bread. “We need not worry about tomorrow,” He tells us, simply pray each day for the faith to trust that what God supplies is enough so that we receive our daily bread with thankfulness.

Well, Stephanie was very excited with her latest loaf of whole wheat bread. We stopped buying bread from the stores, since so many unhealthy additives are now used. So we (she mostly) grinds whole wheat and bakes bread. We have a bread machine, but she prefers the shape of the loaf pan baked bread.

We also have a wonderful recipe from a friend, whose bread always turns out perfect so that people from all around ask for her loaves. People even travel to their farm to purchase her bread. But that recipe requires added gluten, something that we prefer to avoid.

In the bread machine, Steph has found that adding even one tablespoon of bread flower greatly enhances the texture and cohesiveness of the loaf.

But in her latest prize loaf, she used three fourths whole wheat flour and one fourth bread flour. It is the finest textured and most cohesive loaf she’s baked yet, and she is quite pleased with today’s daily bread.

Perhaps it may not seem to be a BIG deal, but our daily bread is most certainly cause for joyous thanksgiving, including all the many little daily blessings that as God’s children we receive without hardly even a thought.

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