Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Not So Strong ...

In the article posted below, Decepticon Invasion, I share my feeling disturbed by the progression of invasive technology used in deceptive ways.  Why should this disturb a man like myself?

I am helpless to defend myself and my wife from home invasion and theft by a computerized robotic calling system.  I am unable to defend against the many forms of rape that are continually being foisted upon our society by big government, big corporations, big pseudo-churches, and the like.  I am unable to protect myself and my wife from disrespectful, discourteous, and selfishly unsafe drivers on the road.  At every turn I encounter the evidence that I really am not so strong as some may think or that I may wish to be.

This is why the True Church of the pure Gospel and Sacraments is absolutely indispensable for me.  I cannot live without the holy catholic Church on earth, the communion of saints, the Church congregated by the calling of the Holy Spirit to the pure means of grace.  These pure means of grace are my only source of peace in a world where peace is a byword used by those who promote war and murder and rape in the name of winning peace.  The peace that the Lord provides is more powerful than the most terrifying enemy.  Even the power of Death itself is swallowed up by the peace of God poured out to me through the means of God’s grace.

Yes, I must confess my own weakness and helplessness.  No matter how hard I try to be strong, I fall short of even simple and easy goals.  My patience falls short.  My love is faltering.  My faith is nonexistent.  But the Lord’s patience is without limit.  His love never fails.  The Faith that He gives truly commands the mountains of my sin and failure and unfaithfulness to throw themselves into the sea of His forgiveness and mercy and grace.

If my own sin cannot attain victory over me on account of His grace poured out to me through His ordained means, what cause do I have to fear on account of the smallness of my own strength?

This is why for me and my house compromise of the pure doctrine of God’s grace in Christ is not considered to be in any way acceptable.  How can we partake of a communion/church where such compromise is tolerated and even embraced?  No, our confidence is the Lord.  His Word, declared through His Scriptures, administered through His ordained means, this is our confidence, our everlasting and unfailing hope, our very life.  When we turn from these, even momentarily we do indeed become fearful.  But when in His grace the Lord calls us back again we do truly know and abide in the peace that surpasses all understanding and guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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