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Fluoride & Vaccines

In the previous post Dr. Russell Blaylock: Fluoride and Mercury, I shared a video presentation by Dr. Russell Blaylock on this subject.  I also included a link to the article WHY I CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT WATER FLUORIDATION, in which the author cites seventy-three sources in his “References” footnotes.  Seventy-three sources!

Yet in the comments to my post, an anonymous commentator calling himself “Christian” calls for references.  In the right sidebar of my blog I also supply various links to other sites that provide a multitude of references on this matter as well as mercury poisoning and the vaccination fraud.

I cannot really say anything for certain about the motives of “Christian,” but his manner seems to give a strong indication.  The fact that at his Blogger Profile he identifies himself as an atheist, leaves the reader wondering whether “Christian” is really his name or whether it may be a sarcastic attempt at mocking those who have truly been marked with this name.  Certainly there are atheists who have come from families who named children as Christian, both as their given name as well as through the sacrament of Baptism.  So only this person knows his motive.  However, whenever a person hides behind comments given anonymously, not identifying oneself but hiding in the shadows, it limits the reader’s trust severely.

I previously refrained from responding, not desiring to engage in an argument.  The facts stand.  Arguing them with one who deliberately ignores what is presented is meaningless.

Dave Bachand expressed his frustration with “Christian” saying: “"Never argue with stupid people as they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience".”

However, since some readers could be dissuaded by the false arguments presented by this debater from giving serious consideration to the facts, I will make some responsive points.

Stupidity may not be the issue as much as being misled and misinformed by those who deliberately are promoting disinformation.  In his original comment “Christian” said:

I think one of the most important things to realize is that flourine gas is different to flouride. Every chemist would tell you that flourine gas will kill you, but a flouride (a salt) is not always toxic.

Secondly, this Dr Blaylock is also an anti vaccer which goes against all science. Vaccines are safe and people that promote not vaccinating are killing children.

Both of these statements are false.

Regarding the first statement, one needs to consider that not all chemists are biochemists, and thus they approach chemistry from a different perspective.  In fact, not all chemists pay much attention to issues of toxicity.  But one also needs to understand the difference between toxic and lethal, which “Christian” demonstrates that he has completely ignored.  Not all toxins are lethal at low doses.  Moreover, virtually any substance can become toxic or even lethal at high enough levels.

Regarding specifically fluoride, one does not need a chemistry degree to know whether or not it is toxic.  Just read the warning on any fluoride toothpaste carton.  Or you could view these sources that I posted in Drink this!

I’ll post them again here for your ease of perusal.

Sodium Silicofluoride 99% technical Grade
Sodium Silicofluoride 99% min Technical Grade

Catalog Number:     Q137

     Sodium Silicofluoride, also called Sodium Fluorosilicate, is a white, odorless, tasteless, free-flowing powder.

CAS Number:

Application:     This material is used in a wide range of applications such as: fluoridation, laundry soaps, opalescent glass, vitreous enamel frits, metallurgy (aluminum and beryllium), insecticides and rodenticides, chemical intermediate, glue, leather and wood preservative, moth repellent and manufacture of pure silicone.

Technical Data:     Loss on drying at 105ºC 0.30 max
     Assay (on dry basis) 99.0 min
     Free acid content (based on HCL) 0.10 max
     Water insoluble matter content: 0.40 max
     Heavy metal content (based on Pb) 0.02 max
     Iron content (Fe) 0.02 max
     Particle size (based on 250um sieve) 90 min

Packaging & Handling:
      Packed in 25 Kg or 40 Kg bags.

     This product may be fatal if inhaled or swallowed. Irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and skin can result from contact with this product.

Carefully read MSDS before using this product.

Remarks:     DOT Shipping Classification Class 6.1 (Keep away from food)
DOT Shipping name Sodium Fluorosilicate
UN 2674
Packing Group III
Label Keep away from food

Two items especially grab my attention:

     This product may be fatal if inhaled or swallowed. Irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and skin can result from contact with this product.

     Keep away from food

Not toxic?  Every chemist would tell you?  Really?

These are the chemicals being added to municipal drinking water supplies.  Are these warning labels hard to understand?  Will every chemist really say that these are false labels and that fluoride is not toxic?

People have indeed been misinformed.  But upon seeing these evidences to the contrary of what the propagandists for the globalist agenda have flooded the media, anyone who still insists that fluoride is not toxic and not a genuine concern when added to water, to toothpaste, and the many other places it is used, truly do fall into a category other than misinformed.

Regarding vaccines, “Christian” also gives one very feeble reference to the CDC.  He says:

Even the CDC agrees that the minor Hg levels in vaccines are not harmful.

Perhaps this statement is merely more evidence of blind trust.  But it really is also a matter of not thinking for oneself.

First of all, to accept what the globalist CDC says without further verification is dangerous.  People need to remember who the CDC is and what their stated agenda is.  Forced vaccination of the world’s populace is part of their stated agenda.  Could that possibly be reason to question their evaluation of mercury in vaccines?

For anyone who wants an honest appraisal of this issue, I offer these links to Tips for Countering Vaccination Advocates and Influencing Others and Vaccines Uncensored.

While it seems to have been offered sarcastically, “Christian” gives this word of advice that is worthy of attention:

I also suggest that while you are staying away from vaccines, you stop eating any processed food and taking medicine.

Reading the labels on processed food from an informed perspective will certainly lead a person to agree with this advice about avoiding processed foods.

Also reading the labels on medication containers and the pages of warnings supplied by the pharmacist will lead a person to the same conclusion about medications.  They should be avoided as much as is possible, for they are toxic and harmful.  Sometimes such things are necessary, but should be avoided as much as is possible.  A person becomes especially aware of this when one learns that in many cases there are better, more effective, and safer natural remedies than those that have so many listed side-effects.

Finally, if a person determines that ingesting fluoride and taking vaccines is desirable, then that person is free to pursue this.  But it is not right or fair to impose this upon those who have seriously studied this issue and desire not to partake of these things.  Moreover, it is wrong to force others to pay for these things against their will.

Read the studies.  For crying out loud, READ the LABELS!

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