Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sad, Sad Conditon of Mankind

Who does this?

Who leaves a dirty diaper in the parking lot?

Worse yet, who leaves a dirty diaper on a grocery store shelf?

This has been happening for as long as disposable diapers have been marketed.  My first encounter left me aghast, as a teenager working in a supermarket.  I would frequently find dirty diapers in the parking lot and on the grocery shelves.

It is hard for me to imagine people having so little self-respect, let alone to have so little respect for others.

Today, when most stores have changing stations in the restrooms, it is even harder to understand such ghastly behavior.

On the other hand, taken in perspective, this is really quite insignificant when contrasted to many other actions commonly observed today.  It is really just a symptom of much deeper decay in society.

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