Wednesday, October 02, 2013

10 Second Brilliance Test

Today I encountered this graphic and its engrafted challenge:

The first response was “Oh my!”

It took 3 seconds to overturn the brainwashing effects of the suggestion.  This image is designed to convince the person that this is an enormous task, even impossible.

After my mind rejected this, in second 4 I thought of “are.”

OK.  Four seconds.  I felt very pleased with myself.

Then I thought, “What’s so brilliant about this?”  Its really no big deal at all.

Surely there are many such words.  Then I thought, “Are there really MANY such words?  Of course there are.”


Then I clicked on the graphic image to go to the link and to see what others did.

I was shocked at the enormous number of people who listed the profane “a..h...” as their first word.

I felt relieved that this word did not even occur to me.  I felt very relieved.

Thanks be to God that He filled my mind with better thoughts.

I certainly cannot take credit, as I confess being ashamed of the many times that I have used that word, especially while driving.

As I consider this, I immediately realize the thanks that are due to the Holy Spirit for keeping me from using far worse words, far more shameful words.

Truly the Holy Spirit is a wonderful counselor.  How actively He participates in the life of a Christian is immeasurable.  Truly this is cause to pause in deep awe and to continue in everlasting thanksgiving.

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