Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hot!  Scorching!  Roasting!

It has been over 100 degrees, several days of 105, 103, and the like.  Of course, working under the sun is considerably hotter still.

This is definitely weather requiring super hydration for anyone working outdoors.  I carry 3 gallons of water and it is usually mostly depleted by end of day.

Sweat.  Sweat.  Sweat.

It is amazing how much body energy is required for sweating.  It can be exhausting.

Work a few minutes and drink.  Work a few minutes and drink.  The weather is scorching, but with is pattern of working one can make it through the day without overheating, especially when one is accustomed to such working conditions.

Of course, those who work in air conditioned offices all day will need to be cautious when doing weekend duties in the sun.  The body needs to acclimate to the conditions over a period of time.  Shorter work periods for weekend duty warriors are advisable.  Work a few minutes, drink, rest, work a few minutes, drink, rest.  This is the cycle.

Most people are at least aware of this, but such things are often forgotten and neglected once the work begins.  “Gotta get done!”

Heat exhaustion or fatigue is serious and heat stroke can be fatal.

The old-timers remedied this quite successfully back home in Florida.  They would shower with the hottest water that a person could endure.  This opened the pores and drew out the heat from the body, allowing it to recover.

Anyway, it has been very hot.

Heigh ho!  Heigh ho!  It’s off to roast I go!

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