Thursday, September 13, 2012

Phosphoric Acid

The following video was posted in connection with Phosphoric acid and your teeth:

At the end of this video are some statements intended to comfort a person that reduced concentrations of this acid will not have detrimental effects upon teeth and bones.  Do you feel comforted by this propaganda?

I myself did not realize that this substance was added to soft drinks and especially to colas.  I gave up these a number of years ago because of the awareness of other added ingredients of concern.

I recently researched phosphoric acid when I learned that my peeled garlic cloves were treated with this chemical and I wanted to learn what effects this could have upon my health.  Now I am very concerned.

I have used garlic not only for its flavor, but also for its health benefits.  But if my consumption of garlic includes consumption of harmful chemicals added to my otherwise healthful foodstuff, why bother with it all?

Many people will likely read the information that reduced concentrations and direct exposure periods of teeth to phosphoric acid are not harmful and will continue ignoring the reality that these chemicals enter the blood and accumulate.  Many people will choose to ignore the clear warning of what this chemical does and that long term exposure does have effects, and will continue consuming products that have this chemical added in very significant amounts that have effects that are not immediately obvious.  Some of these people later may want the government to punish the companies who added these chemicals to their consumable goods.  Others may decide to sue for damages.  And a few may heed the warnings and ask what better alternatives are available that allow them to be better stewards of the marvelous bodies that the Lord has given to them.

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