Monday, August 20, 2012

Product of Canada, U.S.

Saturday I pulled a pork tenderloin from the chest freezer to thaw for barbecuing Sunday afternoon.  (It’s not really a pork tenderloin, but mechanically separated pork parts pressed together into a tube.)

On the package I noticed something that I had not observed before:

Wow!  Is this for real?

Product of CANADA, U.S.!

What does this mean?

It means that the big international global elite structure is now established.

This is really very bold and in our faces!  This is didactic or pedantic, meaning that we are being indoctrinated to accept this.  It is an established fact.  It is no longer something that is coming in the future.  It is upon us.

No longer are we the U.S.A.  Now we are the North American Union, of which the U.S. is central and Canada is a northern district or region.

I find it startling to realize that most people are already programmed to think and say: “So what?”

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