Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Power of Lies

How powerful are lies?  Do lies actually have any power at all?  What do lies ever accomplish?  What do lies ever establish or build?

Lies always, always fall short.  Lies never, ever fulfill.  Lies are dependent upon deception.  Lies are dependent upon acceptance.  Lies are dependent upon successive lies.

The Truth, however, depends upon nothing.  The Truth is of itself fulfillment.  All things find fulfillment in the Truth.  All things are validated by the Truth.  The Truth never falls short.  The Truth remains constant through every circumstance.  The Truth is that upon which all things depend.

While lies always break down and collapse into corruption, the Truth stands forever.  Lies bewilder, but the Truth leads into the light of knowledge and confidence.  Lies leave one to abandonment and discouragement and distress.  The Truth holds one steadfast in hope and peace.

How then is it that everyone continues to turn to lies and half-truths, when the Truth is ever near?

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