Thursday, April 22, 2010

Owl Statues to Scare Away Birds

Do owl statues work to frighten away pesky birds and rodents from gardens and lawns? Here is one site with varying answers from people who have made use of such owl statues.

I have heard people speak of having success in this regard. However, a couple of days ago a friend showed me this:

Here is a closer view:

Upon closer examination the twigs and blades of grass and other material used by some little birds to construct a nest can be seen through the hole in the owl's breast. The little birds completely filled the owl with material, after pecking out the sensor that was in the middle of the owl’s breast.

The sight gave me a chuckle, as it did my friend. It reminds me of the scarecrows that I have seen with crows sitting on the head and arms of the scarecrow.

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