Monday, January 18, 2010

We Dare You Guarantee

When a company stands by its products, I like to support that company.

The Duluth Trading Company has shown itself to be such a company. In the photo below is shown their “We Dare You (to wear them out) Guarantee”.

The company stands by this. My wife began purchasing for me their Fire Hose Logger's Pants, and then also purchased the Work Pants for me. I now have 3 pairs of Logger’s and 2 pairs of the Work pants. They are very attractive and durable pants.

But as an arborist, I am very hard on clothing. I have worn through 4 pairs of their pants. They have replaced them all. We were responsible for the return shipping cost to them. A short time later the brand new pairs arrived with no additional charges to us.

We are very pleased with their clothing and their service. Their guarantee is wonderful!

If you have need of durable work clothing, or any of the other items offered by Duluth Trading Company, I am sure that you will find satisfaction through doing business with this company.

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