Saturday, November 21, 2009

S.1796 The Healthy Family Act

Is it not amazing how the media continues to portray all of the usurping of the authority of States and of the individual American as “what the people want”? Yet in my daily discussions with people I cannot find anyone who supports this or desires it, especially when people begin to realize what is really being done.

Do you support this?

Yet onward the senators are pushing, once again calling for a vote on a weekend when the people will not be able to respond.

What is being pressed upon us is the notion that there is nothing that can be done.

But the Constitution grants us the right to call upon our State Legislators to impeach the US Legislators who willfully and belligerently violate their oath of office and mock the people of this nation. Yes, we can remove these rascals.

For a bit more on this, and what you can say to the Senators through their staff people, here is a site with a little more information.

Emergency Alert! Instruct Senators to Vote NO on O-No-Care S.1796 The Healthy Family Act (The Happy Insurance Companies Act).

More on this is available at TomWoods, especially under the headings, “How to Resist the Federal Government?” and “The States’ Rights Tradition Nobody Knows.”

The bottom line is that the actions that the federal government, from the President and his czars to the Legislators and the Courts, are illegal. They are committing criminal acts against the Constitution and the people of this nation, against the States, and against liberty.

Calling to say “vote no” is not enough anymore. It is time that the American people utilize the authority that is entrusted to them to hold these criminals accountable, not in a future election, but today.

The founding fathers of this nation revolted. They went to war against this kind of tyranny, in order to insure that we would be able to fight without bloodshed. The so-called civil war resulted because of similar acts against the States and the people. But we do not have to take up arms. We do not have to make physical threats. We have Constitutional authority to remove those who perjure themselves, swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution but then ignoring it and worse, outright violating it and all that it declares.

Moreover, we do not have to follow the two-party farce that continues to pit Americans against one another, not on the basis of ideals, but on the basis of us against them. It is time for the people to promote a third party or parties that actually offer candidates who do what they promise to do.

But first we must deal with those who are seeking to force us into a world-wide tyrannical rule by the centralized banks and international corporations. We must actually hold these Senators and House of Representative members accountable for their acts of betrayal. We must tell them that we know what they are doing and that we have the Constitutional authority to remove them from office. If they go ahead with their illegal activity, we must act with the authority that is ours.

But time is ticking and the window of opportunity is a narrow one.

If you want to contact your Senator, the Congressional Switchboard is nearly always busy. The easy number is 1-877-SOB-U-SOB. Yes, this is the real number. But it is always busy.

However, a couple of web sites that provide more direct information, phone numbers, and contact links are:

Contacting the Congress


Project Vote Smart.

It is not enough for even those of our Senators who claim that they will not vote for the health care bill and other usurpations of our liberties. We need to be calling upon them and demanding of them that they speak out loudly and ceaselessly that this bill is illegal as well as immoral. It is not only against the will of the people, but it is a direct assault upon the Constitution and therefore is not binding upon the people.

Those “Republicans” and “Conservatives” who do not cry out in this way need to be told that they are as guilty as those who vote for these criminal bills and that we will remove them from office for neglecting their duties just as we will remove those who criminally enacted the bills. Negligence of duty is just as serious as actively committing the crimes.

What is more, we should not imagine that just because the bail-out and stimulus fraud was passed that we cannot reverse it. We can hold these criminals, both in the White House and in Congress, as well as in the big banks, accountable. We told them “NO” and they did it anyway. When they ignore us and pass this heath care fraud, we can say “NO!” We can remove them from office and throw out their illegal bill. We do not have to accept them as our masters! We do not have to live as their slaves!

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