Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disturbing Developments

If you think that what our government leaders are doing is disturbing, regarding the deliberate destruction of our and the world’s economies, stripping us of our Constitutionally guaranteed protections and rights, taxing us out of existence, taking absolute control of “health care” a.k.a. “life and death”, check out what our tax dollars are funding according to this article:

'Flesh-eating robot' is actually a vegetarian, say inventors

According to this article:

The concept was originally put forward in 2003, and has been pushed forward with money from the US military's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, Darpa, a successor to the organisation that funded early development of the internet.

US officials hope that the steam-powered engine can be used by the military to create a self-sufficient robot that could survive on its own for months at a time. Possible uses put forward by the team include a battlefield ambulance or mobile gun turret.

Amazing! Congress is pressing legislation to tax us for breathing and for living by taxing us for Carbon Dioxide emissions — the product of life and of any activity of living organisms — while simultaneously developing war robots that mimic such life activities.

This they call “progress” and “development.”

I wonder how many Americans agree.

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