Friday, June 26, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

On the blog of a friend and classmate the following very sad news is posted:

A Matter Personal and Professional

Preface: This may surprise some readers of Ask the Pastor: I’ve been asked to resign my pastorate here in Emma, Missouri. I’ll provide a bit of background in this preface and then let you read the following letter, one that I delivered verbally and in print to the congregation following the service on 7 June 2009.

Such is the way in today’s churches. While I know this to be the way of the churches today, still it grieves me deeply and even catches me off guard. While I often wondered how Pastor Snyder continued as a pastor in the LC-MS without suffering what other pastors often have suffered for the sake of the Gospel, nevertheless, it still is abhorrent to observe.

I often read Pastor Snyder’s posts and asked myself how he could compromise on certain points. I knew that he was being overly gentle, seeking to avoid causing offense. While he presented very scholarly answers to many questions, I often sensed that he was holding back rather than being truly straightforward and as confrontational as the Scriptures speak.

I always figured that this was how he managed to be perceived as “acceptable” to so many readers and to the members of the congregation that he served.

But now it is demonstrated that even he is not acceptable.

How a “Lutheran” congregation could find his articles to be “embarrassing” is beyond reasonable explanation. To explain such a response requires ignoring the title of Lutheran in connection with the name of the congregation.

I have very much appreciated Pastor Snyder and his articles. He is very careful in his research. He presents valuable information that requires much effort and study. His very obvious desire is to present the truth as God has recorded it for us in His Holy Scriptures. His other very obvious desire is that people should hear the truth so as to receive God’s grace, salvation, and comfort through hearing it.

I grieve for the members of the congregation who are having their hearts shredded by what is being done to their pastor against their will. From my own experiences I know that many in the congregation are shocked and deeply injured by what they helplessly observe being perpetrated not only against their beloved pastor, but also against their Lord, whom their pastor serves.

I grieve for Pastor Snyder, knowing that he intensely feels the pain of these members and would do anything in his power to prevent their anguish. I know that he wishes that he could take their pain for them. I know that he is questioning his every action, trying to find an answer to what he may have done to cause this. I know that he hurts for his family. I know that he agonizes over the congregation.

Yet this is not about anything that Pastor Snyder has done wrong, nor about his personality. This is regarding the very strong warning given in James 4:4.

Pastor Snyder, as you will surely be examining yourself with great scrutiny, do not forget who you are in Christ Jesus. Hold fast. Remember the promises of God in your baptism. Let this be a time that drives you even more deeply into the Scriptures and into the confidence proclaimed therein. Let go of all else and cling to the Word who is proclaimed in and through these Holy Scriptures. He will not fail you. He has never failed anyone. He is the one whom you have proclaimed. Hear for yourself the blessed Word who is your God and Savior.

Know this, too, that He has a few on reserve who will continue to be your friends and brothers. There is and always has been and ever shall be a remnant, who value the Word more than all else, and who stand in unity with all who truly depend upon Him.

God be with you, Pastor Snyder, and with all who hurt as you do. This is more than a kindly wish from a fellow man, this is the sure promise of Almighty God.


Anonymous said...

Sad that people can't stand the Truth. I wish him strength!

Anonymous said...

Check out this new blog--

Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Hi MG. I've been really busy and hard at work. Thanks for the comment and for your concern for Pr. Snyder.

RE: Ichabod, I've been observing this blog for quite some time. I check for new posts regularly. He has some helpful information and insights, although I am not fond of the format and style of presentation. There is very little that actually edifies. Mostly the material is negative and accusatory. While both are at times necessary, I do not consider them healthy as the primary foci.

I generally only read carefully the posts that provide helpful information and skip past the sarcasm and ridicule. He does supply some very helpful information that is worthy of reading carefully.

Thanks for the information.

Not Alone +++ PAS said...


I'm sorry that I did not pay close attention to the link that you provided. I did not realize that this is a different link than Pr. Jackson's. I did not realize that this new blog is a mockery and theft of what Pr. Jackson has been doing.

This is patently dishonest and dishonorable. Even though I do not agree with all that Pr. Jackson is doing, this pseudo Ichabod that claims to be the Real Ichabod, using the exact same address with www in front of it, and anonymously, too, this is deplorable.

I was fooled by the intentionally misleading url. This makes me sick at heart to observe.

I am very surprised that Pr. Snyder included this in his recent blogosphere updates.