Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oriole Nest

About twenty-five feet above the ground in a tree branch that needed to be removed, was this sock-like nest. It is of a woven construction, carefully and sturdily crafted.

From what the home owner and I have determined it is an oriole nest.

A very interesting and informative article on the Baltimore Oriole and its nesting is available here.

It is amazing to see how clever these little builders are. The nest is very well constructed and strongly attached to the branches.

Anyone encountering such a nest as this will immediately realize that it had to be crafted by very careful planning and workmanship. Any scientist observing this construction will immediately begin searching to identify the architect.

Yet, strangely, the same scientists examine these little avian architects regarding their bodily and genetic construction and conclude that their far more complex design occurred by random events. Their genetic code is so complex that it still is not fully understood by the scientific community, immeasurably more complex than the clever nests of the orioles, and yet the obvious conclusion regarding an architect for their design is outright denied by those calling themselves scientists.

Is this not bewildering?

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Anonymous said...

We watched a male oriole feed a female one today. Trying to figure out why. 6/29/09