Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Windows Update Problems

Last night Microsoft’s automatic update forced upon me many hours of grief. In case your computer suddenly became unable to access the Internet and E-mail, here is what happened.

The latest security update for Windows XP caused a lockup of Security Suites, in my case, Zone Labs.

After many frustrating attempts to receive help from a service technician in India, the problem was finally located.

Here is the solution, if you would prefer not to spend an hour or more on the phone with someone who is very dedicated but does not understand English well enough to be dealing with such issues.

1. Open “Control Panel”.
2. Open “Add or Remove Programs”.
3. Click on the check box for “Show Updates” in the header region.
4. Scroll down to Security Update for Windows XP (KB951748).
5. Click on “Remove”.

The gentleman from Microsoft assured me that Zone Labs had the necessary information to upgrade their Security software and that a new upgrade was to be available by the next day.

We’ll see. Nevertheless, such irresponsible action on the part of Microsoft is reprehensible. Their first solution was that I should turn off my Security software until the issue would be resolved! Microsoft obviously does not care about its customers and their loss of time. Leaving my computer open to attack for a day or more is not acceptable.

Anyway, if you find this helpful, great!

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By the way, here is the Microsoft link regarding this update, including Microsoft’s disclaimer, denying any responsibility for whatever problems and costs that the update will cause its customers.

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I also contacted Zone Labs through their forum and chat line. They suggest the above procedure. They also suggest temporarily changing the Internet setting in the security suite to "Medium" until they manage to find a solution to the problems that Microsoft caused. This will allow using the new update rather than removing it through the Control Panel. The computer will not be "hidden" in the medium setting, but they assure that it will still be protected from hackers.

For what it may be worth.

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