Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Will I Find Today?

Yesterday, as I was trimming bushes for a customer, I encountered what is pictured below.

Before finding this litter of five kittens I heard a very disconcerting sound. Momma kitty growled with such a low pitch and fierce growl that a shiver ran up my spine. Such sounds are not what I generally encounter coming from a bush! She ran half way across the yard, stopped to stare at me, and then disappeared. I told her that she scared me, but also acknowledged that I probably scared her even more. She turned and disappeared.

I wondered why she would act as she did and began to look for an answer, very cautiously, not knowing what to expect. Then I saw the five little balls of fur wriggling and trying to look up. Their eyes were not yet fully opened, mere slits staring up at me. Their little legs were too weak and frail for them to stand and run away. I was glad to discover them, for I could easily have stepped on them unaware of their presence, as Momma had carefully hidden them under the branches of the bushes. One step from within my big boot would surely have injured all five.

As I began speaking to the little ones, they became comfortable with my presence, even attempting to crawl to me by the end of our encounter.

This makes me ponder how it is with the Lord and us. We are unable to find Him, but He comes to us and comforts us with His voice through the preaching office. We hear His Fatherly attitude toward us and we learn that the fear that we are to have of Him is not one of terror, but a holy fear that engenders trust. Sadly, however, because we often have such poor discernment, other voices can be mistaken as His. Thus we need to be cautious, working out our salvation with fear and trembling. Always alert, we will search the Scriptures concerning every voice, to be certain that we are being led always and only to the pure administration of the Gospel and Sacraments. Then we may rest peacefully in God’s tender care.

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