Thursday, April 10, 2008

Proud Conservative Liberal Republican

It seems extremely unlikely that Senator McCain intended to give such an accurate or precise self-definition.

Nevertheless, this is very much the definition that anyone paying attention formulates regarding the senator. Certainly there are others in the Republican Party who are even more liberal. Thus he is indeed a conservative Liberal Republican.

Those public figures who not long ago denounced McCain have changed their tune. Surprised? Me neither.

Now they say that Senator McCain has “listened to the people.” He has made promises that align himself with the will of the conservatives in the Republican Party.

Is that the kind of president that we really want? Do we really want a president who will make promises that counter what he really believes? Do we want someone who will ask us what is right and good?

As for myself, I want a president who clearly states what he believes and stands unmoved upon those principles. I want a president who LEADS by what he says and does rather than one who follows the perceived will of the people long enough to get elected. I want a president who has a history of holding to the principles upon which this nation was founded, holding to them not for the sake of pleasing others and persuading others to support him, but holding to them because he believes that they are the life of the nation. I want a president who will stand tall as a beacon by which others will be directed to the safety of unity under God.

In seeking a candidate whom I may support confidently with my vote, I want a candidate who does not have to try to persuade me that he is conservative and trustworthy. I want a presidential candidate who by his past actions and statements as well as his current actions and statements leaves me without doubt that he is the right man for the office.

If every voter who claims to be conservative and supportive of the US Constitution were to vote according to conscience, supporting such a candidate, even though from a third party, that person would be elected. There are still enough people in this nation who still believe in the principles by which this nation and people have been blessed that if we all united behind a worthy candidate, we could truly make our voices heard.

Isn’t it time that we stop looking to others to speak for us?

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