Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blessed Worship Experience

Which of the following statements best summarizes what you take with you from gathering for worship?

+ This surely is a friendly congregation.

+ That music is really inspiring and uplifting.

+ We surely have a wonderful church body.

+ Our church body is in big trouble.

+ Pastor surely is a funny and friendly man.

+ I surely need to clean up my life!

+ Pastor surely is a wonderful preacher.

+ Why is there so much fighting in our congregation?

+ What do we have to do to have peace?

+ There surely is a lot of work to do.

+ Why can't the rest of the world be like us?

+ Now we are entering the mission field.

+ Boy am I ever fired up about evangelism! Let's go conquer the world and win souls for Christ!

+ Why does everything have to be so rigid and negative?

+ Wow, I'd better get busy! I did not realize that God expected so much from me!

+ God surely is good and gracious. He really does love me. He provides the means of grace through which He reconciles me to Himself and to His Church in Christ Jesus!

+ Argh! That was lousy coffee! And why do they always get the same kinds of donuts?

+ Wow! Pastor finally got us out on time!

+ I like the other service better.

+ Wow! Something for everybody!

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