Thursday, June 28, 2007

Give Life - Give Blood

Every eight weeks the phone rings with the request from the American Red Cross for another donation of blood. It seems rather amazing that only 5% of Americans who are eligible to donate blood do so. Perhaps fear keeps some away. Perhaps time restraints hinder others.

Yet when one is in need of blood, it is a matter of life and death.

Donating blood is not exactly a fun experience, but it really is not a very big deal, either. It takes about an hour from the time one parks the car to the time of starting the car. It begins with signing in. Then reading a few pages of material. Then answering a handful of silly questions, a little prick of the finger, measuring one’s vital statistics, a slight stick to the arm, ten to fifteen minutes of joking around, another fifteen minutes or so of drinking coffee, milk, or juice and eating cookies and sloppy joes.

Not really all that much more troublesome than preparing for work or school in the morning!

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